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Detroit Medical Center is proud to be the
official Healthcare Services Provider of the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Grand Prix and the Detroit Free Press Marathon.

DMC Sports Medicine is dedicated to bringing the local Collegiate, School-Aged, Club Sport athletes and Weekend Warriors the same expert care as we provide the professional athletes on the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Grand Prix.  For years, the Detroit Medical Center has provided top level care to our pros and with DMC Sports Medicine you too are a VIP


Talk to a DMC Sports Medicine physician about your injury 24/7
If you or a member of your family has a sports injury and you are not sure what to do, for immediate attention or to schedule an appointment, call 313-910-9328 to get in touch with DMC Sports Medicine physician 24/7 regarding your injury.

DMC Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Specialty Physicians 
The DMC Sports Medicine Program is staffed with the same orthopaedic specialists treating Detroit’s best pro athletes, and they’re ready to treat you like a pro, too. To find an orthopaedic surgeon or family practice physician specializing in sports medicine, click here, and click the Appointments icon below the physician’s picture


DMC Therapists and Trainers
The DMC’s Sports Medicine Program can help you get back in the game, thanks to the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of
Michigan’s expert therapists. The DMC Sports Medicine program offers 30 convenient locations across southeast Michigan
for patients seeking the best in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Click here to find a location near you.

DMC Sports Performance Academy
The DMC Sports Performance Academy is designed to give athletes instruction and training in Performance Enhancement in their specific sport. Our Sports Medicine Physicians, Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers are dedicate to working with athletes to return from injury, prevent future injuries or lead them in reaching their athletic potential and improving their performance in their sport.

To learn more about the Sports Performance Academy, click here.