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The DMC Sports Performance Academy staff has researched injuries specific to each sport and train their athletes for success in the game. Each sport requires unique skills sets and strengths to succeed. See below for what the DMC Sports Performance Academy can do for Golfers to keep them injury free and become the best golfer they can be!

DMC Golf Academy
The DMC Golf Academy is an intense golf specific training program where athletes can work 1-on-1 to 3-on-1 with a DMC Sports Performance Academy staff member to build themselves to reach their highest potential on the course.

DMC Sports Performance Academy V1 Golf
V1 Video Analysis is computer based software that assists in analyzing the technical and biomechanical movements of the golfer. Top Golf pros use V1 to get the most out of their clients. Now The DMC Sports Performance Academy has the ability to use this video software to give the athlete and their golf pro visual feedback in the biomechanics of their golf game as it relates to their body. Your DMC Sports Performance Academy Certified Athletic Trainer will use V1 to shore up and weakness, prevent injuries and increase strength and flexibility necessary for success in the golf game.

Pre-Game Golf Warm up – Stretching Card  & Video Warm Up
One of the most important aspects all athletes need for success in their sport is a proper warm up.  Dynamic stretches and warm up will help a golfer prevent injury and get the most out of their golf game.

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