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Our Facility & Staff

DMC Sports Performance Academy is designed to give athletes instruction and training in Performance Enhancement in their specific sport. Our Sports Medicine Physicians, Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers are dedicated to working with athletes to return from injury, prevent future injuries or lead them in reaching their athletic potential and improving their performance in their sport.


When an athlete steps on their playing field, they are always at risk for injury; injury is inherent in sports. However, the DMC Sports Performance Academy is designed to research injuries specific to each sport and train athletes appropriately for their sport. That’s why the DMC Sports Performance Academy takes an individualized approach to each training session -- we understand that all athletes and all sports need specialized and specific attention. This begins with our Functional Movement Screening. Additionally, each sport requires unique skills sets and strengths to succeed. The Detroit Medical Center has built an Academy to address all these needs. 


Our Staff

The DMC Sports Performance Academy is staffed by Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers. Click on a Staff member's name to learn more about each.
• Laura Ramus, PT, ATC (DMC Sports Performance Academy Director, Specialties: volleyball, basketball, running, female athletes)
Dave Philbrick, ATC (Specialties: baseball, football, soccer)

Craig Plonka, MS, ATC, PES (Specialties: baseball, tennis, soccer)

Allison Cortellini, MS, ATC, PES (DMC Sports Medicine Outreach Manager)

Scott Person, PT (Specialties: golf)
• Ryan Steaban, ATC (Specialties: golf)
Nadia Al'Naimi, ATC (Specialties: soccer, female athletes)



Our Equipment
The Makoto

Frequently integrated into the training schedule of professional sports teams, this triangle structure with six-foot towers is the most impressive looking feature of the Sports Performance Academy.


Cybex Trazer

The Cybex Trazer launches you into an interactive virtual world where reaction time, acceleration, speed, power and balance drive on-screen activities on our flat screen TV.

Keiser Trainer

The Keiser Trainer is an air pressure resistance system that allows athletes to move freely while strengthening during sport specific movements.

Keiser Runner

The Keiser allows athletes to train the lower body for power by using the components of speed and resistance.


The VertiMax allows athletes a superior method of increasing lower body reactive power and the most effective way to recruit the fast twitch muscle fibers necessary to create explosive power.


The TRUEStretch is a revolutionary concept that uses the natural approach to flexibility training.


















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