Lumbar Spinal Fusion


Spinal surgery is usually suggested after other pain-relieving methods have been tried, including medication and physical therapy.

Diagnostic procedures may include the following:


Symptoms include:

  • Lower back pain with tingling or weakness in the legs
  • Leg pain or sciatica
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Arthritis


In spinal fusion surgery is performed when there is forward slippage of a vertebra or curvature of the spine and involves permanently fusing two or more vertebrae together. A piece of bone, usually taken from the hip, is used to complete the fusion. Screws and rods may be used to hold the bones together while they mend, and can also facilitate a faster recovery time. Newer techniques have been developed which are minimally invasive and 80% percent of patients that have spinal fusion have good to excellent results and see an improvement in their leg and back pain.

After Surgery/Recovery

Physical Therapy is a critical part of complete recovery. Our doctors recommend DMC's Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, with 30 convenient locations across southeastern Michigan. To find one near you, click here. 

Non-Operative Sports Medicine Specialists 
Britta Anderson, DO (Offices in Warren, Detroit, Plymouth & Farmington Hills)
Tariq Awan, DO (Offices in Detroit, Warren, Farmington Hills & Dearborn)
Sadiq Haque, DO (Offices in Detroit, Novi, Warren, Farmington Hills & Dearborn)

Expert Spine Physicians
Miguel Lis-Planells, M.D. (Offices in Warren & Southfield)

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